Habits can be as easy as…

Taking off a pair of shoes. Let’s backtrack some… Let’s say you want to start a new habit. For instance, you decide you will read ten pages of a book every day. As good as your intentions, though, you miss day one. Okay, so you’ll start the next day, and you succeed. But then, theContinue reading “Habits can be as easy as…”

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Success is not a matter of luck or skill. Unless we are playing the lottery or performing neurosurgery, success comes down to a few simple ingredients. In fact, the ingredients are so simple, even the unluckiest person can achieve success! (And that’s saying a lot coming from me… if lightning strikes, I’m happily the rodContinue reading “How to Set Yourself Up for Success”

I challenge you…

To embrace a new reality. To picture your life without the less helpful habits that are bogging down your day. Who would you be without those habits? What would you do with all that extra time? I challenge you to imagine your mind without the thoughts that tear you down. To let go of everythingContinue reading “I challenge you…”

Top Five Reasons Why I Believe in You

I don’t know you. I am sitting over here probably thousands of miles away from where you are, and have no clue what your name even is. But I know that you are reading this blog. And I know that this blog is about finding motivation and building self-efficacy, so if you are reading thisContinue reading “Top Five Reasons Why I Believe in You”