Top Five Reasons Why I Believe in You

I don’t know you. I am sitting over here probably thousands of miles away from where you are, and have no clue what your name even is. But I know that you are reading this blog. And I know that this blog is about finding motivation and building self-efficacy, so if you are reading this blog, you are likely interested in those topics. In fact, you are likely seeking to find your own motivation and build self-efficacy in yourself.

And I know that wanting those outcomes is step one to achieving those outcomes. Because a desire for change is step one in making a change.

So when I tell you I have five reasons I believe in you, I mean it. I know just enough about you to know that I believe in you because…

  1. You do have what it takes, to achieve your goal, to realize your dream, you have what it takes. We all have so much potential within us, and what success comes down to is not ‘being good enough’ but being stubborn enough; being so committed to our habits that we don’t let up, even when our habit is running on a snow day, even when our habit is drinking more water than we really want. You are not the exception; you do have what it takes, and you will achieve your goal.
  2. As I said before, you have desire for change or improvement; somewhere in you, a desire for change has you reading this post and joining on a health journey. And desire for change is truly step one in making a change. You can be handed the ingredients for success, but unless you want to succeed, you won’t mix the ingredients together; you, my friend, have the recipe AND the motivation.
  3. You know the steps for change. If you’re on a journey like 75 Hard, the steps are laid out for you. They are simple, manageable, and straightforward. Are they a challenge? Do they push you out of your comfort zone? Yes and probably yes. But are they as simple as making the choice to engage in healthy habits one hour at a time? Also, a resounding yes.
  4. I’ve been there. In fact, for those of us on a health journey, I AM there. I am on this journey with you. And I believe wholeheartedly that I have what it takes. The only thing that makes me different from you is a name, and maybe a few hobbies. I am not the exception, and neither are you. If I can do this, we all can.
  5. You are not afraid of change. You are willing to face change head on and turn your life upside down. You are wiling to engage in habits that are hard to sustain, and adapt to a new day-to-day routine that challenges the status quo of sitting on the couch. You are not afraid to do hard things and you are not afraid to rock them.

And so, in those moments when you don’t know if you can keep on this journey towards a better future, just remember that I believe in you. I hope you can soon, if not already, identify as someone who believes in yourself, too.

Published by Mirissa D. Price

A dental student, a writer, a journey to share.

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