I know what your future holds.

I do. Really. Your future is one of great potential. It is one of you thriving and smiling.

But first…

Your mission: improve 1% every day.

Easy, right? (Actually, with some accountability, it can be.)

On a day-to-day basis, the changes we are making are small, hardly noticeable. We drink one gallon of water, eat healthy without cheat meals, go to the gym or go for a walk.

In the scheme of a year, though, the results of those small steps are huge. That 1% adds up until you are improving upon a self that you wouldn’t have even recognized at Day 1.

And we don’t have to look far for motivation to make these small changes. All it takes is imagination – imagining yourself at the end of this journey.

What will your life be like?

How will you feel about yourself?

How will you interact with the world differently?

Make your vision so tangible you can taste what the future will be like. Each day, bring your vision to mind. Sit in the vivid depiction of yourself in one year and allow that vision to motivate you to continue making small, daily changes. Allow that vision to give these small changes purpose.

You will achieve great things.

Do you have a goal for what your life will be like in one year? Share it in the comments. Bring your vision to light!

Published by Mirissa D. Price

A dental student, a writer, a journey to share.

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